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Palapalai Earrings Small

Ka Palapalai – Ka Palai

One of the five main plants and prominent in the hierarchy of hula plants used to adorn the kuahu, is the Palapalai, a plant of great importance in Hawaiian culture.   Its use ranged from the medicinal, to the creating of dye, but it was primarily used for Hula. It is one of the five plants sacred to Laka used to adorn the kuahu (altar) and in leis to adorn the dancer. Many songs and chants also refer to palapalai for its beauty and cultural importance. While sacred to Laka, it is also the kinolau of Hi’iakaikapoliopele who is considered to be a patron of the ‘olapa or dancer and was the assistant and healer of the Pele family. Symbolizing lush growth and resilience, (as a healthy forest indicator) Palapalai also denotes an understanding of the delicate intricacies of the dance. The gentle movements of the palapalai serves as inspiration to the dancer as well . . .

 Hanu lipo o ka palai . . . Breathing deep of the Palai fern

Top of chain to bottom of earrings - 35mm

Sterling Silver