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ʻŌhi’a Lehua Earrings Small

Ka ʻŌhi’a Lehua

One of the five main plants used to adorn the kuahu of Laka, goddess of the hula and is the kinolau for Kuka’ōhi’alaka (the male form of Laka of the forest.) It represents both the male and female elements, the wood being the male element and the flower the female; therefore, a branch of it was placed on the kuahu with a flower on it. It is also one of the many manifestations of the god Kū. Kū is the akua that is the overseer of rituals and it is believed that ‘ōhi’a forests embody the omniscient powers of creation, Kū and Kāne. The bright-red lehua flowers are full of honey, food of the ‘i’iwi, native honeycreeper birds. The wood of the ‘ōhi’a was traditionally used for rafters, canoe seats, as well as sculpture . . . Representing strength, balance, and harmony

‘O Puna lehua ‘ula i ka papa

I ‘ula i ka papa ka lehua o Puna . . .

Red are the plains of Puna,

Made red by the lehua of Puna


14mm (w) x 20mm (h)

Sterling Silver