Haloa Pendant
Haloa Pendant
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Haloa Pendant

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. . . Ho’ohōkūkalani ka wahine

Hāloa ke kalo, Hāloa ke kānaka

 These words recall the birth of Hāloa firstborn of Wākea and Ho’ohōkūkalani. The child was given the name Hāloa(eternal breath). The child was wrapped in kapa, placed in a lauhala basket, and buried. Tears of his mother watered the ground, and the first Kalo plant sprung up, becoming the staple food of the Hawaiian people. Ho’ohōkūkalani gave birth to a second child, born healthy and strong. Also given the name Hāloa, he becomes the progenitor of the Hawaiian people.

This reciprocal relationship of  Hāloa the Kanaka to care for Hāloa the Kalo, his elder sibling, while Hāloa the Kalo cares for and feeds his younger sibling is symbolic of the connective ties of Hawaiians to nature and the natural universe.

This piece represents the important concepts of

Kuleana (responsibility), ʻOhana (family), Connection to ‘Āina (land)  and Mālama (to care for)  

Sterling Silver

W:1/2in H: 2in

Sold with Suede Cord

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