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Inspired by paradise, Paradisus jewelry captures the Islands’ beautiful flora in bold, yet elegant silver creations.

Paradisus jewelry reflects a sense of style that is inherited from the timeless beauty of Island life, as well as created from a refreshing cosmopolitan aesthetic.  The classic, natural beauty of leaves and flowers become ever more elegant when captured in striking silver and through one-of-a-kind, eye-catching designs. 

Using the ancient technique of repousse, master artisans reproduce the exceptional elegance of Paradisus designs in 925 silver. Every creation shows an exacting attention to detail and style, and bears the unique symbol of Paradisus.  Each piece is meant to endow each wearer with that which makes paradise so stunning and beautiful. 

Mother and daughter partners, Linda and Akemi Ueda, started Paradisus in 2005.  Together they have developed a company and look that exemplifies quality and uniqueness.  They believe in artistic creations that stand the test of time.  They design with the hope that these pieces will forever be appreciated and can be past down from generation to generation.

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