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Halapepe Pendant

One of the five main plants used to adorn the kuahu of Laka, goddess of the hula. Its soft, white wood was used for the carving of images and the people of Kona were often recognized by their frequent adorning of the Halapepe flower lei. A branch of the Halapepe on the kuahu of Laka, represents the kino lau (physical manifestation) of Kapō’ulakina’u, daughter of Haumea and some say the mother of Laka. She is a dual-natured goddess and recognized as both a goddess of the hula as well as sorcery and healing . . . A branch of Halapepe is reflective of the balance sought in hula . . .

 17mm (W) x 35mm (H)

Sterling Silver - Sold with 16" or 18" chain